Spring Launch Service
2014 Season
Don't want to deal with the hassle of getting your boat in the water yourself, or just don't have the time?
Make it easy, let us do it for you!!!
We will:
> Pick up your boat at your location (on your trailer)
> Bring it to the marina, uncover it (and recycle the shrinkwrap), attach your fenders and dock lines, install drain plug (if required), check fluid levels, start and run the engine
> Launch the boat and take it for a short test drive to make sure it is running OK, then tie it up at one of our dock slips (if issues found during test drive, we will let you know)
> Bring your trailer and shrinkwrap frame back to your location (or store it onsite)
All you need to do is come pick up your boat and drive it to your dock!!
All this for only $60.00 plus $4.00 per mile ($2.00 per mile if trailer is stored here - mileage fee calculated per actual odometer reading from the marina to your boat location).
Additional fee required for:
Trailer and shrinkwrap frame storage ($220. for the season)
Dead battery ($10.00 to charge battery, otherwise cost of new battery if it won't take charge)
Not enough fuel in tank to start the engine ($ = market price for 5 gallons of gas)
Engine won't start and run, requiring diagnosis, repair, and/or parts ($75.00 per hour labor, plus parts)
Missing dock lines ($15.00 ea), fenders ($15. - $35. ea depending on size), or drain plugs ($5. ea)
Dockage fee if boat is not picked up within 5 days after launching - $25.00 per day
Example 1
Your boat is stored at your camp. You call us when you're ready to put it in the water. We go to your camp (which is 10 miles from the marina) and pick up your boat, bring it to the marina and uncover it, launch it and make sure it's working OK. Your dock lines, fenders, and drian plug are all there, and the boat starts up and runs fine. We tie it up at our docks, bring your trailer back to your camp, and give you a call. All you do is come pick up your boat and drive it to your dock.
Base charge + mileage 60. + 40. mileage = 100.
Your total cost is $100. plus 7% sales tax $107.00
Example 2
Your boat is stored at your camp, which is 7 miles from the marina. We go to your camp, pick up your boat, bring it to the marina, and uncover it. We find that there are no dock lines or fenders, and the drain plug is missing, so we supply new ones. We try to start the boat, but the battery is dead. We charge the battery, the boat starts up fine, we launch the boat, which runs fine, and tie it up at one of our docks, and bring your trailer back to your camp. We give you a call and all you need to do is come pick up your boat.
Base charge + mileage 60. + 28. mileage = 88.
2 Fenders (20. ea) 40.
2 Dock lines (15. ea) 30.
Drain plug 5.
Charge battery 10.
Total, including tax $185.11
When you're done for the season, just tie your boat up at one of our docks and forget about it, we will take care of the rest:
Pick up your trailer at your location
Take the boat out of the water
Winterize the engine
Shrinkwrap the boat
Bring your boat to your winter storage location, or store it here
(cost varies with boat type, call for estimate).
Give us a call to schedule your launch today, and never worry about stuff like this again !!

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